Michelle Wolf is a Great Comedian. Get Over It.

Reading Time: 2 minutes (The video here is the full 20 minute routine that Michelle did for the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDbx1uArVOM) Michelle Wolf is a comedian. She makes jokes for a living.  She wrote and delivered jokes. You may or may not like the jokes comedians make. Grow up. Comedy is an important part of our societal introspection. You know what…

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Republicans Pull the Affordable Health Care Act

Reading Time: 2 minutes The (AHCA)Affordable Health Care Act has been pulled before the vote. The numbers cited by Donald Trump, in the press briefing this afternoon suggest that there was, in fact, less Republican support for the bill today than there was yesterday.   The Republicans that would not vote for the bill gave several reasons for a lack of support including, that…

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Gorsuch Senate Confirmation Hearing – Day 2 Roundup

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today, Gorsuch seemed very at ease and remarkably well-composed. He was particularly concerned about the specificity of questions and wasn’t timid about requiring clarification on what was being asked of him.  If he had any confusion he made no mistake in asking the questions that needed to be asked so that he could answer to the best of his ability. Gorsuch…

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The Problem With A “We’ll See” Mentality.

Reading Time: 2 minutes When does “We’ll See” end? When do you call it and say this is where I draw the line.  Do you just continue to watch until the end?  Where is “the end”? Guess what…  There is no “end”, unless you define it. Nothing. Ever. Ends. This is a tactic used to defer judgement and criticism until it’s too late to…

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Closed Rallies are Propaganda by Definition.

Reading Time: 2 minutes A closed rally is a staged event. Every part of the event is choreographed like a concert – including the signage, the chants, the applause, the speech, the amount of time a speaker pauses for dramatic effect, etc. Most political rallies are invite-only and are closed events.  Those who do not agree with the politician or are seen as detractors…

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