Ken Burns Steps In To Help Save Hampshire College

Filmmaker Ken Burns. (Mark Humphrey/AP)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ken Burns is why I went to Hampshire College. There was so much competition for the film program that I ended up not taking film classes and designed my own curriculum for a degree in 3D Animation and Computer Music. I did nearly all independent study for my 4.5 years there. Daniel Warner was my Div III(Senior Thesis) Chair. I think…

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The Tragedy in Las Vegas is NOT Entertainment; Donate on GoFundMe

Reading Time: 2 minutes This tragedy is not entertainment. These are lives that were ended violently and prematurely.  We should not be watching this as entertainment.  This is not who we are or who we should aim to be as a country. With the tragedy in Las Vegas resounding throughout the news media today, please be civil with one another. There are conversations that…

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