The Problem With A “We’ll See” Mentality.

Reading Time: 2 minutes When does “We’ll See” end? When do you call it and say this is where I draw the line.  Do you just continue to watch until the end?  Where is “the end”? Guess what…  There is no “end”, unless you define it. Nothing. Ever. Ends. This is a tactic used to defer judgement and criticism until it’s too late to…

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Closed Rallies are Propaganda by Definition.

Reading Time: 2 minutes A closed rally is a staged event. Every part of the event is choreographed like a concert – including the signage, the chants, the applause, the speech, the amount of time a speaker pauses for dramatic effect, etc. Most political rallies are invite-only and are closed events.  Those who do not agree with the politician or are seen as detractors…

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argumentum ad hominem

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is a method of attacking a person’s character in an argument or after making a statement. It’s known as a logical fallacy.  While logical fallacies are and should be defined in an effort to reduce confusion during arguments, they are often used in an effort to deflect arguments in interviews or conversations that occur on the news or in…

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Faith is a tricky thing. It comes down to one simple fact. You either have it, or you don’t. For someone like myself it’s a very difficult concept to grasp. I wasn’t raised with religion, nor was I intentionally raised without it. My parents decided that it was up to me to choose what I believed in, with the hope…

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