Cryptocurrencies May Be a Scam, but That Doesn’t Matter.

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is going to come off as a very skeptical article.  It’s not.  It’s factual.  I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t invest in cryptocurrencies, I’m just laying out the answers to the following questions. I’m not advocating that you do or don’t buy in. There are a lot of ways you can make money out there. If you’re someone…

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The Problem With A “We’ll See” Mentality.

Reading Time: 2 minutes When does “We’ll See” end? When do you call it and say this is where I draw the line.  Do you just continue to watch until the end?  Where is “the end”? Guess what…  There is no “end”, unless you define it. Nothing. Ever. Ends. This is a tactic used to defer judgement and criticism until it’s too late to…

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