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Evan S. Tallas – Founder/Editor-in-Chief – Linkedin

Evan has used his career in information technology as a way to jump around industries from film to health care, while gathering an extremely diverse range of skills and broaden his outlook on the world and business at large.  He believes there are very few issues or problems that can’t be solved by few sharp minds with a few hours, a whiteboard, and some markers.  He dislikes solutions that treat only the symptoms, and fail to address the root cause.

Sara Tallas – Editor

Jonathan Land – Editor/Contributor

Jonathan is a web developer, musician, and published author. He has won no awards… he probably never will. Land has been a producer and on-air personality at WBAI in New York City, is a former member of audio collage outfit Negativland, and wrote the humor book The Spam Letters back when people still paid attention to spam. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughters.

Crystal Lyn Moran – Designer

Crystal  is a freelance creative professional with over 20 years experience.  She has worked with a wide range of clients and business types.  She enjoys the opportunity to learn new things and to help her clients achieve success through the use of timeless, well crafted designs and marketing strategies.

Dick Munslow – Contributor

Richard is an all-American patriot, that prides himself on honesty, and telling it like it is. What he lacks in couth, he more than makes up for with opinion, editorial, and a devotion to the ideals that the US stands for; Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Amy Kong – Technical Products Development Consultant

Amy is the consummate product/project manager. Her experience with consumer focused branding has allowed her to create hard and soft guides for our multi phased product release approach. She has spent her career working with companies and teams that are disruptors, both within companies and industries.

Christopher Kirchner – Consulting Developer/Engineer

Christopher has spent the majority of his career working on large-scale entertainment websites for Disney, Universal Studios, Young Hollywood and other major intellectual property holders. He currently lives in the Los Angeles area with his teenage daughter.

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Dan Dubelman – Marketing/Creative/Public Relations Advisor

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