Vaping is Smoking

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let’s lay down some facts here. Vaping is essentially smoking. There is no valid argument against this. Period. In  most commercially available devices: liquid/juice is absorbed into wick. Coil is heated by battery and juice is wicked toward coil until liquid touches coil. Liquid turns to “vapor”. You’re not just inhaling water vapor. You’re inhaling all the chemicals that make…

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Locks are Deterrents, Not Preventatives

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re going to save you a lot of trouble and time with this short article… Anytime you see a news article about some new way to break into a lock, whether it be for a certain type of vehicle, brand of lock, etc. it’s a puff piece. You never have to pay attention to that kind of article or “news”…

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